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** 9/19/05 - Sorry guys. Life has been keeping me busy lately. I haven't had time to match anyone up in awhile. Hopefully this will change very soon as I have some free time on my hands. No promises though. In the mean time continue to post your info and add friends.**

This not your ordinary add me community. You see you don't just post an entry asking people to add you. You post an entry that answers a couple specific questions and then I reccomend other people on the list to you based on those answers. What are these questions you ask?

What is your...
Western Zodiac Sign?
Chinese Zodiac Sign?

You can add other information about yourself if you really want to. Just in case someone out there just feels like adding you without a reccomendation.

What are you basing these reccomendations on? I have developed a point system based on Zodiac compatibility. The points range from 10, being the highest possible score, to 2, being the lowest possible score. After you tell me your zodiac information I will put your highest and lowest matches in comments.

Why the highest and lowest? I have found that often the most interesting people are the one's with not only the highest but the lowest compatibility. Some of my more interesting reads scored very low, including my fiance.

What if I don't know my zodiac signs? Well, then I have suggestions for sites you can go to and find out. Here they are...

Western Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac

That is the system in a nutshell. All I ask is that you keep on topic and there is no flaming.

This community is maintained by themindseye. I am not an astrologist. This is just for fun and should not be taken too seriously.

I will be keeping a running list of everyone's signs on the following pages.


***If you do not see your name on the list and want to be added please post a new entry to the community with the requested info: Western and Chinese Zodiac sign. Do not comment on the bottom of the Sign page. Post a comment to one of those pages only if I misspelled your lj name, listed you under the incorrect sign or you want your name removed.***