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Questions regarding The Houses

Okay, here's a couple questions I have regarding the ascendant, descendant, midheaven, and nadir as well as the 12 houses of the Zodiac.

My ascendant is Taurus, so I know my descendant would be Scorpio. Here's how I think my houses go, I just need help on what the meaning of the planets in those houses along with the signs in them as well would mean in regards to me. I can't find a very good Astrology website that can really help me, if anyone knows any good ones, lmk.

1st house: Taurus
2nd: Gemini
3rd: Cancer
4th: Leo
5th: Virgo
6th: Libra
7th: Scorpio
8th: Sag
9th: Capricorn
10th: Aquarius
11th: Pisces
12th: Aries

Midheaven: Aquarius
Nadir: Leo
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