Come on angel don't you cry... (dont_cry_angel) wrote in zodiac_friends,
Come on angel don't you cry...

Name: Nurul
Age: 19
Western Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

I love My Chemical Romance, PATD, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte... I cant list all my favourite bands here but I think you might get what kind of music I'm into. But I do listen to Backstreet Boys, Clay Aiken, and Justin TImberlake. I listen to all kind of music as long as I think it's good.

I love most Asian food (because I am an Asian) and pizza. and Coke. No Pepsi for me, thank you.

I'm taking a degree in Medical Radiation, and right now is at the end of my first year in my university.

I love it when people read my daily rants and comment on my entry but since I dont have many friends on LJ, I dont get comments frequently and that makes me pretty sad. I do comment other people's entry if I have something to say.

I'm pretty open minded, I'm not homophobic, I love reading fanfictions, I have a huge crush on Ryan Ross' fingers, my life is inspired by the day Gerard decided to abandon drugs and booze, and I can be friendly sometimes. And nice.

Please leave a comment in my friends only entry if you added me so that I'll notice you!
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